Blown Glass by Grateful Gathers Glass at Swerl Designs in West Reading PA

Let’s Talk Blown Glass

Here at Swerl Design, we are fortunate enough to have two glass blowing companies at our shop. Both provide their own unique pieces of blown glass. This month we wanted to feature both of them, they are Grateful Gathers Glass & Scott Krenitsky. They will both be offering specials on most of their items Memorial Day weekend, so be sure to stop by and purchase an item or two.

Let’s learn more about them!

Grateful Gathers Glass

Grateful Gathers Glass is owned by Danny Polk, Jr., who also does all of the glass blowing. He has been glass blowing for about 10-11 years. He was introduced to it in college, where he fell in love with it immediately. Through Grateful Gathers Glass, he showcases his passion and his capabilities in all he can do with it.

He shared this with us, “Glass is captivating not only for its fluid beauty, but for its expressive possibilities to describe the relationship between the thermal dynamics of gravity and the curious forces of man’s creative energies. Much of my love and passion for glass grows from the processes involved in its creation alone. An inexplicable relationship between artist and medium is achieved every time I compose a new piece of glass. This is the experience and sensation I wish to emulate to my audience in a finished piece. This direction provides a flexible boundary in which my style of work falls.”

When we asked Danny why he chose to join Swerl Design, he shared this, “To support Reading! I live in Bernville and have blown glass at Goggleworks for a number of years. I like supporting my local art community.”

You can truly see that passion he talks about in every piece of art that he creates!


Scott Krenitsky

Scott Krenitsky is the manager of the Hot Glass Studio at Goggleworks Center of the Arts. He creates beautiful and unique handblown and hot sculpted works in glass.

Scott recalls getting into glass because he didn’t like the computer influence in the illustration/graphic design field. He didn’t want to spend his career in front of a screen. He graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2000. He recalls that his first project was most likely some paperweight that his mom probably still has around the house. But as you’ll see below, his work has evolved over time!

When we asked Scott why he chose to join Swerl Designs, this is what he shared, “I chose Swerl Designs because I love Jason and David.” Well that works out for us!

His creativity definitely shows through in every piece that he does!

Be sure to stop by Swerl Designs, LLC at 438 Penn Ave in West Reading, PA to see their amazing work! Also, remember to swing by Memorial Day weekend to see what type of specials are happening! Learn about all of the vendors we have featured in our store today.

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