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Get Inspired with Inspire Pottery

June is here! And with June comes beautiful weather and fun events. There are several fun events coming up in West Reading that we will be participating in. The first one is the West Reading Rainbow Crawl on June 12th. We are participating in this event by being part of a scavenger hunt that is happening that day. Along with that, our hours will be extended until 9pm that day.

The second event we are excited to be a part of is the 27th Annual West Reading Art on the Avenue, which is happening June 19th. At this event our vendor, Inspire Pottery, will be featured at our booth. There he will be doing live work-with-clay throwing and showing how he makes pottery.

Because of this, we wanted to feature him this month and let you guys get to know a little bit more about him and his work. Let’s get into it!

Inspire Pottery

Inspire Pottery was started by Joel Hildebrand in November of 2018. His studio is located in Denver, PA and it was started for artists interested in clay to have a space to learn and create pots on the wheel. After making pottery for over 19 years, he loved the idea of sharing his gift with others and seeing them get excited about making pottery. The studio now has classes running 6 days a week and offers beginners to advanced classes.

Joel’s art is wheel throwing pottery. He was first introduced to it in 9th grade art class. His art teacher shared with him her passion for clay and from there it grew. He lived in Turkey for almost 10 years and while there he learned from very talented potters who have been making pottery for generations. It was through that teaching that has shaped him into the potter he is today.

Each piece he makes is unique and handcrafted. He uses stoneware clay and makes his own glazes. He experiments with many different types of firing techniques like raku, soda and electric firing. Each firing type creates a different look.

When we asked Joel why he chose to join Swerl Designs on Penn Avenue, this is what he shared. “I chose to join Swerl because I believe they truly want to help artists get their work out there. I also think Swerl carries the same values that I have and I love that they promote community by having lots of different artists come together and display their work.”

Be sure to stop by and check out Joel’s work as well as all of other vendors at Swerl Designs on Penn Avenue!

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