Let’s Get To Know Seth Hannah

If you have been to our store, chances are you have stopped and gazed at a few of the abstract paintings that are hanging around the store. The artist behind those paintings is Seth Hannah.

Seth has been painting for about a year and a half and enjoys painting for several different reasons. He has found it to be a great creative outlet and loves watching as colors blend or shapes and effects come together. Like many other creative passions, the process is very trial and error, and he has learned to enjoy that as well. While working on paintings, Seth can get lost for hours and forget about any stresses!

For his abstract art he uses a technique that is considered “pour painting.” This involves mixing your paints to a desired consistency and blending them in different ways. He particularly enjoys the results he achieves with “Dutch pour” which involves blending and moving colors with air. He often uses a hair dryer and an air compressor to create pieces.

We asked Seth Hannah why he chose to join Swerl Designs, and this is what he had to say, “Joining Swerl Designs on Penn Ave just seemed like a great opportunity. I am grateful to be there with so many great artists. I have known Jason and David for a long time and was a fan of their work! I had never really shown any paintings except to friends and family but it seemed like it was probably time to branch out a bit and Swerl was perfect for that.” We hope you’ll take the time to come and check out some of his paintings, and if you love one, maybe even take it home!

One last thought, this month Seth is a part of our selected merchant sales. During the month of August, his paintings will be 20% off at any event and during our End-of-Summer Blowout Sale. Along with Seth, Dolly’s Décor is also one of our selected merchants. If you haven’t seen her work, you’re bound to find something perfect for your home!

Here are the events you will be able to purchase their items at a 20% discount: West Reading’s “ Sidewalk Sale” on August 7th, West Reading’s “2nd Friday’s” on August 13th, French Fry Festival on August 14th, and our End-of-Summer Blowout Sale on August 27th through 29th.

Head on into Swerl Design at 438 Penn Avenue and explore our many rooms filled with items from our artists!

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