Meet Hunger Moon Sawmill & My Plant Addiction

Hunger Moon Sawmill and My Plant Addiction are owned by a husband and wife duo, and we wanted to feature both of them in this month’s blog.

Hunger Moon Sawmill

Hunger Moon Sawmill is owned by Scott Warden and all began after he was shown a piece of curly maple wood. He instantly envisioned everything he could do with that piece of wood and started researching. After spending hours watching videos and getting ideas, in 2010 he started building his own sawmill. He built the sawmill in 4 years and in 2014 he started his business. He has been selling wood slabs/slab tables, wood turnings, and creating custom woodwork ever since.

He has the ability to take a standing tree all the way through the process to the finished product. The products they create include coffee tables, dining room tables, fireplace mantles, vases, bowls, and much more! Having his own sawmill allows him to hand select the finest cuts of lumber for their wood creations.

Scott doesn’t view himself as an artist, he views himself more as a treasure hunter. He knows how to identify a tree for its internal characteristics and then lets the wood create the project. While he considers his work pieces of art, it is more the natural beauty of the wood that makes it that way. When we asked him why he chose Swerl Design he responded with, “I love the chance to be part of such a talented group of artists and it’s a unique store with a great location.”

My Plant Addiction

My Plant Addiction is owned by Sherry Hayes, which she started six years ago. Through My Plant Addiction, she not only sells air plants but also macramé.

Her love for air plants began when she couldn’t get root-based plants to stay alive. She started buying air plants because she thought they would be easier to take care of. Her first air plant was Ionantha Guatemala.

As she started working with air plants she would put them in terrariums and she came across ones in macramé. Instead of buying a macramé to put her air plants in, she decided to learn how to make them. Creating macramé helps her relax and it’s something she can do while sitting and watching TV.

You can find her air plants and macramé at Swerl Design, along with that she also has jewelry and essential oils available for sale at the store.

When we asked her why she chose Swerl Designs, she responded that, “She joined Swerl because she’s known both Dave and Jason since they were younger. She liked the idea that featured in Swerl Designs were all local artists.”

Be sure to stop by Swerl Design at 438 Penn Avenue in West Reading and check out Hunger Moon Sawmill and My Plant Addiction products. You might just find something you love and want to take it home!

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