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Our Story

Swerl Designs, LLC was created by the guys behind A Stone’s Throw, LLC, a hardscaping company based out of Berks County, PA. After several discussions about wanting to find another way to showcase our skills and create more than just stone projects, we decided to create Swerl Designs. We love to experiment with making furniture and accent pieces out of the products we use in our day-to-day work. We love the versatility that it provides.

Dave Eyer & Jason Eyer
Dave Eyer & Jason Eyer

With this we were able to combine our skills of woodworking and stone work to create truly unique tables, accent tables, lamps and many more items that haven’t been designed before. Our slogan of “A Woodshop Meets A Stone Yard,” is showcased in every single piece we create. Our items include a mix of high quality stone, wood, glass, metal, gemstones, epoxy, anything we want really, to create stunning accent pieces for your home or even office space.

Every piece of wood is different, and every stone is different. The challenge and the fun of it is to figure out how all the elements are to fit together to make the perfect piece of art. Colors, textures, size, and shapes all go into the designs of these pieces. We love being able to put our heads together and toss ideas off of each other to design, plus figuring out how to make the logistics work. Listening to a customer throw their ideas to us, and then making it a reality for them is an absolute blast. We are trying to push the limits of what we can do so that we are not just your normal furniture store.



Whether you are looking for a custom table or beautiful accent piece for your home, Swerl Designs, LLC can create it for you! If you have an idea in mind, or if you want us to get creative, we would be happy to build a new unique item for your home!

When you come to our website, or visit us on Facebook, we want you to see things that you have never seen anywhere else. That is our goal for Swerl Designs, LLC.

Jason Eyer with his wife, Kari & Dave Eyer with his wife Deb
Jason Eyer with his wife, Kari & Dave Eyer with his wife Deb
custom accent piece rose lamp with copper flakes lit up with white light designed and built by Swerl Designs LLC
Custom Accent Piece Flower Petal Lamp
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